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Online Hearing Test

Online hearing test is a quick way to gauge how well you’re hearing. In only a few minutes, you can test your ability to distinguish certain tone. We recommend taking the hearing test in a quiet area without interruptions, headphones will be needed. How the free online hearing test works Before starting the online hearing test we need a few details about your gender and age and to make sure your sound settings are adjusted correctly. 

  • Find a quiet area to complete the hearing test.
  • Choose if you prefer to use wired or wireless headphones.
  • Make sure the volume is on and set at a comfortable level.

This online hearing test will help you identify difficulties with hearing tones.

  • You will hear different frequencies at several volume levels. If you get distracted and miss one of the tones, it will replay for you.
  • The hearing test will be done for both right and left ears.
  • Finally, if you are using hearing aids, we recommend that you remove them while taking the test.
The online hearing test from Hello Hearing does not replace a visit to a hearing care professional and it does not constitute a medical diagnosis. If you think that you are experiencing hearing loss, we advise you to consult a professional hearing care specialist who can conduct a more comprehensive examination.